Message to my readers!

Dear readers,

First of all! Thank you to all my followers, I appreciate it tremendously. I wanted to break the silence of the last 4 months and share what I have been doing.

I had a great opportunity to do some writing, erotic stories mostly for a fellow site and it has been quite a ride. I do have some stories left, but since I am almost at the end of this adventure, it is a great time to share some reading material. They are slightly different from what I write about. Nevertheless, I had sooo much fun writing each piece.

Find the links here:

Deadly Red

Get Me Fixed

Holy Chastity

Naughty Over Butt

Billy the Lucky Seventh (circumcision fetish)

Eternal Worship (Footfetish)

They are a mixture of fiction and experiences, but mostly fiction. I hope you enjoy all or some of the stories and will keep you busy until I am back to blogging on my own site! Two more stories to go!! I will keep sharing.

Happy reading!

Domina Orchid x

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Hypnosis -Window for True Ownership

Hypno blogOne day I had a thought, how can I own a slave so deeply that trust is based on mental ownership and not emotional commitment? The solution that made sense was hypnosis. I have been researching the topic for years and I have been hypnotised myself. The feeling of waking up and not remember anything, yet not being asleep was fantastic. During that time, I was working hard on my anxiety levels. I needed something that did not involve medication or yoga. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy yoga, but when your levels of anxiety are very high, relaxation becomes your enemy and the word you don’t seem to understand. Instead, you want to throw the mat to the instructor and kick anyone around you who is flexible and not sweating a dime, while breathing in and out.

It helped me tremendously and then I figured, why not have my slaves indulged in the freedom of an anxiety free training and a fulfilled mental domination from anywhere in the world, with triggers that could only be understood by the slave and the Domme/Dom. I was intrigued and the sudden urge to start searching, reading blogs about it, watching videos over and over for techniques was overwhelming and exciting. I had to chance to talk to experts about it and now I’m ready to start my journey as a responsible Domme to a beginner Hypno slave. Hypnosis is serious business, it might seem that is just like riding a bike once you do it, you will always remember and anyone can do it. I don’t believe it is this simple. You have to take responsibility for the person you will hypnotise. Your subject  will need to trust you entirely with his/her mind and giving you the power to either make a significant change or induce new motivations.

It is for this reason, that many Doms do not engage in  hypnosis. It is complex, long process and a huge burden along with a high level of responsibility. The Hypnotists needs to have consistency and self-discipline. You need to learn a lot about your slave, what he/she craves, desires, mental patterns and structures, how you can empower without ruining the possibility to have other Dominates if the relationship ends. It is hard work. I have practice before the art of trance with the use of common words, eye contact and voice intonation.  It seemed to work at a superficial level and it was interesting, I discovered that this is also called “conversational hypnosis”. In reality, it helped me get people to talk about personal and deep experiences, which is fun, but also interesting if you have a rebellious slave, who has also mastered the art of self-domination and at times self-hypnosis.

Yes, you read it right, people has the power to self-hypnotise. I have done it to myself many times to achieve changes or get over emotional or physical discomfort. It is not the same as meditation, yet it could be similar and have a close effect. It is the peacefulness of the mind and the embrace of calm and thoughts free moments.

Why use hypnosis when training my slave? well, because mental domination is more and more my main interest above all the play and protocol, which I still enjoy bit it does not have a long-term effect as for the mental stimulation, the transformation of the mind. How the brain can re-direct is programming to a new set of commands that will be as permanent as I want them to be or life changing as I want them to be. Like most submissives, my slave is anxious, highly wired and have the ability to block his mind when things go wrong in life. This is something that I can manage, yet not entirely control.

This is not enough for me, I am not pleased just managing emotions. The real power is controlling them, having the ability to use the power of your voice and with the count of 1..2..3… get a slave to go deeper into a state of peace and find the place that rightfully fits that what is needed, to find the centre with my commands. The heaven on earth, the peaceful Eden that will create a state of awareness only to the subconscious mind. The counts that will make memories come to light and pain be buried after being resurfaced.

This is dangerous you might say, and it is. I will not recommend any beginner or novice dominate to do it or even dominates, who just want to play with the slave with no responsibility. This is why taking many Hypno slaves, is not ideal for me, due to the heavy amount of time I need to spend with each one. I will decide only to have one Hypno slave and others just to serve because I do take topics  of the mind seriously, even if I want to transform a slave into a living doll. The permission of the other party is highly important. The trust, study, and techniques are paramount for this adventure. This blog is the beginning of what I am going to experience and I hope to share the process with all of you.

It is surely fun to learn and study everything about it and the fun will only begin when my slave all the sudden has a huge urge for pink panties and ball gags for no reason (BIG SMILE).

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