About Domina Orchid

There are a few roads a person could decide to ride on, however, I have decided that in my life there are simply 2 choices.

Before I indulge myself and you out there with details of my preferences, I will like to talk a bit more about whom and what made me the person I am today. I am a doll in constant modification and a tiger starving for more, it sounds slightly …ummm artificial, but that is exactly it. The exotic artificial part of what I am and what I will become makes me the natural strong force I am today and ever.

Let’s start my journey with a true story. There was a whole month where I thought to myself, why should I sit around and talk to all these random strangers, who obviously wanted to fuck me but had no idea that in reality I only wanted them to be naked and bonded somewhere. It’s absolutely amazing to watch the male body tied up. Of course, this is just a dream, right? The odds of finding a submissive male with so-so qualities is rare, and then to find a submissive male that is not ashamed of being submissive, well that is a WHOLE different story or should I say atypical.

But, let me go back to my true story. I had an Ad published (won’t mention where for privacy reasons) and I was very clear about the kind of submissive I was looking for.  In fact, I was REALLY straight forward with my Ad. I mentioned how I won’t take any crap from men who are so depraved from their pathetic lives with women that they have chosen those that are submissive or vanilla. These good women thought they had a real man, and they perpetrated this lie onto them and now they are dissatisfied. No, I will have nothing to do with this sort of stupidity.

Anyway, after a long list of worthless messages, and I mean worthless and countless hours of reading and responding to *wannabe subs*, there was actually a little bit of hope, well that is what I thought at first. This nice male who just wanted to be a slave and serve, filling me with overjoyed pleasure and being able to have a nice conversation with a slave that understood how important it was to show his rightful place.  Ahhh! What a temporary dream.

I will name this short-lived dream Pink. Pink was told to wear panties and to cum repeatedly before even meeting each other, the shy voice and the unsteady shaky tone made me realize that I will extremely enjoy his company. Naturally, after a few phone calls and texts, I decided to meet Pink.

The day for the “date” arrived and I must say between the rain, the bad location, and waiting I was already not pleased, but! Because I wanted this submissive to impress me and of course give me some insight about what I am looking for, my temper was neutral and I was smiling like always. Yes, I do smile a lot; it is the best weapon for anything, anyone, and any situation.

It was time to walk into the restaurant he was ordered to pick, (keep in mind that, he was also told to make a reservation at the restaurant, however, once he called, a member of staff from the restaurant notified him that it was a walk in-restaurant) *smiles* I am sure some of you subby boys with a bit of a smart strike would have probably thought of ways to get around this, yes?

Let’s continue shall we, obviously on a Saturday the amazing restaurant Pink picked, was full and so I decided to try something else. Before, I had time to roll my eyes and spank Pink. I took a deep breath and figured out this date might not be the one I had planned. All the same, I decided to have a free meal and a chat. Pink was already unwanted as to my standards but something about him made me stay at least enough to learn something.

The learning process was as follows (i.e. my choices):

  1. Submissive males are not trained to understand who they are, and society is a huge impact as to how they will behave, in conclusion, patience and practice are the only way to find the right slave (principal 1.)
  2. If I want to be pleased and fulfilled I need much more than a regular submissive, with a small cock, I need a cuckold (principal 2). Yes, gents I have said it out loud.

Pay attention, you might learn something other than my sexual perversions. What is Domina? Well, according to the ancient erotic words of the Arethusa Papers, referring to “Women in the Ancient World” Domina is a Latin word that refers to a woman or a lady but also “a woman in command of household slaves”, and “she has the capacity to oversee the operations of the domus and its slave” (Peradotto, and Sullivan, pg. 250) , mmmmm…. [Excuse me for a minute, I seem to be drooling].

With this understanding, I want to openly say I am a Domina with a Dominus (not a husband but a Dom). I won’t share the entire significance of why I chose to have a Master, but I will say this. My Master has found that the way to empower me is by training me to be the best “Alpha Female” I could ever imagine being. I personally think every Mistress should have a mentor or a Master. The reason for this lies further than just submitting yourself to someone, in essence, it is what it is, but the true and magical side of it is, how you grow to be a Masterpiece and in reality, you can’t be supreme without Help. An exciting ride I believe and I wonder how many people out there might think this way of life is as exciting as I so know it is.

Final thought after the shocking news, I am constantly trained to be fearless, powerful, harsh, strong and to master the art of seduction and collecting slaves. There is nothing sweet, tender and weak about this Domina. Want to figure that out? *smiles* well a test drive is always Welcome.

“It is a peculiar sensation, this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at one’s self through the eyes of others, of measuring one’s soul by the tape of a world that looks on in amused contempt and pity.”
W. E. B. Du Bois

3 Responses to About Domina Orchid

  1. wonderful insights miss thank you so much for sharing. fetishloverxx

  2. kegger88 says:

    Not all cuckhold’s have small cocks. Just the same it is my intense desire to fulfill my Domina with the adoration for her to be well pleased. I would desire to hold her kiss her passionately and adore her all night long after her lover has long left.

  3. kegger88 says:

    The more I read your story, I am greatly intrigued. You are un doughtily the most intriguing woman I ever met. Your mind is so very sexy do you realize how beautiful you are?

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