The Bond-A short story for night owls

A short story I drafted, a bit of fantasy and fun. I guess I was feeling experimental. I hope you like the right reading. Enjoy! Domina Ochid x


It was a Thursday night, roughly 9:00 pm and a nightcap at a funky bar were one of my favourite hobbies in every city I travelled – “It was my thing”. I would ask the locals about a funky/dark drinking spot. They were always the best people for this kind of thing, the locals. I was ready to sit down and people watch while listening to music with a nice drink. I saw myself as a watcher.  

People were my favourite entertainment. The way they talked, walked and even smiled at each other. So, two years ago, I decided to start a personal project. I observed men exclusively. All types of men, I was fixated about the task and following through no matter how ludicrous it was.

During those two years, I managed to change my name from Sophie to Paul. For a long time, I was a Female dominant hunting for submissives. It didn’t matter who they were or what they did. I was just looking. It was fun at first. Each person gave me a different experience, but I wanted to know what it would be like to be known as a Master instead. The power behind it and if it was any different from my female domination, which I cherished for so many years.

Paul was my ultra-ego, my best friend. A bit of an old-fashion demeanour, subtle, calm and firm. Never a hunter but always an observer. Each bar was different and each night was interesting, but that Thursday in Paris, I met a girl. A girl that would intrigue me. She was shy and self-conscious. Yes, that is why I choose her. This was going to be my first hunt as a man. It was my turn to be charming and draw her in into my experimental pull.

That day I was wearing a classic suit with a vest and a pocket watch, hanging on my left side. My hair was slicked back and facial hair was the way I found to hide my feminine features.I knew there was a strong possibility of being ignored and even overlooked. The only way to this beautiful deer was through a provoked accident that would force her to be apologetic.

I had no time to think, so I took some slow steps towards her planning my next move, without having to scare her. My left hand was ready to pull a business card out of my vest and my right hand was available to catch her if I bumped into her too forcefully.

Plan B surfaced! The barman called her over to collect her drink and snacks. “This is my chance,” I thought. I speed up my pace and swiftly walked among the crowd who were lining up behind her. I slowly tugged her skirt and she turned with a sense of urgency wondering who touched her, she suddenly dropped her handbag. “Excuse me”, I said with a smirk, “ I think you dropped this”. She looked at me blushing avoiding eye contact.

“Sorry, I can be so clumsy, thank you for helping me”. I smiled and slowly stood up rubbing my body against her and her skirt. It took a few second for me to comment on how crowded the place was looking at her timid face. I said “Don’t worry it happens. Can I help you with your tray? Please don’t say no, I am sure you will appreciate the gesture”. I smiled and grabbed her food. She was shocked and speechless, it only took a nod for me to walk her to the closest empty table.

Luckily for both of us, everyone wanted to stand next to the bar and the small corner tables were empty. Once we settled she asked, “Do you often, help women like me in bars or is it that obvious, I need help from strangers?”, brushing her hair back and frowning. “Well,” I said “No, actually, on the contrary, I believe you don’t need help at all, it was my pleasure, to be there and offer a helping hand.

I do like assisting beautiful girls, with cute dresses, so maybe I do it as often as I can”. What’s your name?”. “Becky” she whispered pulling her tray closer to her body. “May I join you? Are you waiting for someone? If not, allow me to be a companion for the night I wouldn’t want you to sit alone” She nodded and smiled. I raised my right hand and waved at the barman pointing at my current drink asking him to bring another scotch on the rocks.

I could feel her staring at me with curiosity, so the best way to reduce the questionable looks was to try to keep calm and friendly. I decided to sit next to her, close enough to feel her arm rub against mine, “Do you mind me sitting here?” I asked with a big grin. “No no, I am just surprised you want to stay here with me, it would be nice to eat with someone”. “Great! Then I will get you a drink too and you can tell me everything about yourself. I am sure you are interesting and full of fun stories to tell”. She chuckled after my animated sentence and shaken her head with denial.  

The barman walked quickly towards me with a grin on his face being a witness of my courtship skills. “Thank you,” I said, “could you also bring white wine for the young lady”. “Certainly” he answered. I had a taste of my drink and she was barely touching her meal. It was silent and awkward, yet I was determined.

“So, Becky why do you come to such a crowded place for a meal, don’t you like eating at home or coming with someone? it seems slightly noisy here” I commented with the hopes of breaking the ice. “Well, yes,” she says, “It is odd, I am very shy and it is hard for me to talk to people, so I come here to at least feel I am socialising. I like watching people around me and getting to know them from their gestures and expressions.” She continued. While she kept talking, I was only able to think about how similar her stories were to mine and the idea of getting her under my wing, protecting and soothing her made me feel aroused and hungry for her submission.

After a while, I stopped her and asked if she wanted another drink. It took almost two hours of mellow and uninteresting conversation before I could start a conversation that mattered, sex.

It took her three glasses of wine and some humour for her to say something other than how shy she was or how she was interested in oceanography, which I do have to admit was quite interesting. Yet, when the word sex came out of my mouth, she blushed and stopped talking immediately. He was embarrassed and I was afraid she would be leaving after that, but she didn’t … she stayed. “What about sex?” she mumbled.

“I want to know what do you like about it? What turns you on?” She started her story by telling me that two years ago she dated a boy who spanked her. She used to cum after the spankings and thought it was odd, even though the boy was pleased. Later, she mentioned more play such as being tight up, which was enough to make her wet to the point of orgasm. After a while she stopped seeing him because he just laughed at how she would come from object or activities; he didn’t know he had a precious treasure in front of him.

I could feel my entire body trembling from the excitement, I was aroused and thrilled I found a true submissive. It was a matter of a couple of hours before I knew everything about her, at least what was important to me. I confess I was a Dominant male and that I would really enjoy playing with her sometime. She didn’t know what play meant, but she agreed only with the condition that it would be during the daytime and in a rented apartment she would find and I had to tell the barman she was with me that day for her safety. Of course, I agreed to those simple conditions. It was easy and a great way to have her with me.

The next day, she left a note with the barman, the note said:

“Meet me upstairs, apartment 74B, ring the bell twice and slide this note under the door, this way I know it is you, please don’t be late, I rented the place for an hour”. Kindly, Becky

The barman smiled and said please don’t make a mess of my flat. It was clear now how it was possible for her to get something that quickly. I did as instructed in her letter. She opened the door a few minutes after sliding the note, wearing a light pink short dress, her hair down and with pink lipstick. She was the cutest prey I have ever seen.

She was still shy but wanting to experience her orgasms again. It was a wonderful combination of denial and pleasure. Becky asked me if she should call me Sir or Master or Mister and I asked her what word would make her feel aroused. She says “Master, would” quietly. I nodded, inviting her to call me Master.

In the corner of the apartment, there was a chair with some tools she laid out. A wooden spoon, a napkin, ropes and hair clips. She got undressed and grabbed my hand guiding me to the armchair. It was beautiful. She wanted me to pin her hair up and prep her for play, so I did. I gently got her hair in a bun and rubbed her ears running my hands down to her breast. She moaned loudly, which did turn me on. “Please Master, spank me,” she said. I pulled her up from the bun guiding her up to my legs bending her over with her tits hanging between my legs. She wiggled and giggled. It was all playful.

The minute, I made the first stroke, she moaned. It was a loud and true pleasure. My nipples were getting hard and I was worried they will show, I couldn’t believe how intense it was. I spanked over and over and she was cumming each time, stronger and louder. I could see the drips and the squirt flowing from her pussy and it was unstoppable.

My hands were tired and the spoon did come handy. She was red and bruised but she could only feel herself cum. After 20 minutes, I decided to use the rope and make her relive her fantasy. But, this time I fingered her while telling her how much I wanted to own her. She was tied from the beams in the apartment with her legs spread, dripping and squirting and I wanted to feel her. I reached out to her nipples and sucked her hard, she screamed and asked for more.

My fingers rubbed her clit while her body shook into my fingers. Her shyness was gone and her begging was truly expressed. My index finger waved down into her and fucking her was easy after her wetness. She was now drooling and begging to be fucked, but I couldn’t give her what she wanted.

The hour was almost gone and she had one request. That request was for me to show her my real identity while she was tied up. I was shocked “what do you mean”, I said. “ I think you are a woman, it is ok if you are” she smiled, with her red cheeks and drool dripping down the side of her mouth. “You were missing the hard cock showing right?” She nodded. It seemed she was ok with me being a woman, so I did undress for her. I removed my beard, wig, shirt and pants. I was completely naked. I exposed myself and felt much better dominating her as a woman. It was such a turn on I wanted her to see me touch myself while she watched. My legs were spread and exposed and she moaned watching me, begging to be close to me.

It took me over the edge. Only 10 minutes left and I had to get dressed. I untied her and she dropped on her knees crawling towards me. She came close and placed her head on my knees. “Let me dress you, Master,” she said. It only took a firm nod and she was caring for me. After that moment, the final kiss, embracing her and forcing her to swallow my spit before leaving our play time. “It is time to go now”, she said, “but, I would like to play tomorrow and the day after and even get you a dress” she continued. It was the moment she pledged her services to both the Master and the Mistress all at the once. It was the day, I hunted my forever slave.


About Ms Raquel Orchid

I believe in the power of change, changes can only be done if we believe in the positive awareness of the human nature. This blog seeks to help me explore the world of BDSM, fetish and moral righteousness.
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