Message to my readers!

Dear readers,

First of all! Thank you to all my followers, I appreciate it tremendously. I wanted to break the silence of the last 4 months and share what I have been doing.

I had a great opportunity to do some writing, erotic stories mostly for a fellow site and it has been quite a ride. I do have some stories left, but since I am almost at the end of this adventure, it is a great time to share some reading material. They are slightly different from what I write about. Nevertheless, I had sooo much fun writing each piece.

Find the links here:

Deadly Red

Get Me Fixed

Holy Chastity

Naughty Over Butt

Billy the Lucky Seventh (circumcision fetish)

Eternal Worship (Footfetish)

They are a mixture of fiction and experiences, but mostly fiction. I hope you enjoy all or some of the stories and will keep you busy until I am back to blogging on my own site! Two more stories to go!! I will keep sharing.

Happy reading!

Domina Orchid x

About Ms Raquel Orchid

I believe in the power of change, changes can only be done if we believe in the positive awareness of the human nature. This blog seeks to help me explore the world of BDSM, fetish and moral righteousness.
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