I will reign as a Domina with a Dominus if I want to

I have been misunderstood too many times and judged for who I choose to be. It has been a long time since I have written words in my wonderful blog project. Yet, I have been attending to other small projects that are close to an end. Now I am back with my truth.

I have been suppressing who I am even in this blog. I have been trying to fit into others images of what being Domina is. I declare that for my Dominus I will never let myself be suppressed by others ideas ever again. Acquiescing to the ideas of others has been the cause of insecurity and distress, and I do not believe in living with either. I have been living a lie and I am announcing that is at an end. I will not live my life according to others thoughts, I will create the path for myself that follows in the footsteps of the great Dominas of our history.

I had until recently always played the rules of my life the way I wanted to. Then I blossomed into Domina from the words of my Dominus, and then I let others began to dictate how that should look. Today, from now on I push back and stand with my Dominus. I have proclaimed myself to be a Domina, because that is what I am. I want to be the owner of slaves. Slaves that understand the hierarchy that stood for 100’s of years in the great Roman Empire. If you want to be my slave, then you must understand and crave what history has taught us.

I am not a Mistress nor do I want to be. I want to be what I was born to be with a Dominus by my side to guide me through my ownership of slaves. We are together powerful and dark and we live to own slaves. Slaves who will be naked before us or wear a cloth with rusted chains if I so wish them to.

I am not a Mistress, I am not a simple Goddess ( only my slave will worship me as a Goddess because I will reign his desires), I am not your Madame nor just a Dominate Female. I am beyond all what is benign. I worship knowledge and the power of energy. I believe in magical things and worship God in a different way. I choose what I believe, whether that is paganism or my own brand of beliefs. I have dreams that reveal my tomorrow. I will only be true to myself and what my dreams reveal. The life I want was lived in the time of 200-400 B.C, and you my little boys you must want this as well.

You must crave the seduction of Cleopatra the strongest Domina of all time. No one in her time or the times since disrespected her by calling her Mistress. She won what she wanted, with a powerful mind, seduction of the weak male minds around her, and by sheer will. She was a Domina that took leadership and power. There was nothing she could not make men give to her. She was never seen as weak or submissive to no one. She was respected and heard and feared. Yet, she had a Dominus by her side, and no one tried to define her as a switch or submissive, or they would have ruined the day.

I seek the knowledge of the world and the universe. I seek to have the power within to rule whatever I want to rule. In my eyes, men serve me and are my housewives for me and my Dominus, who guides my rulership over the pathetic males, that cook, clean and keep my world as it should be; abundant, powerful, free of the mundane, and free to “become” with my Dominus.

I know it is the modern days now, but I am not interested in what is modern. I seek for what my desires are. I will be judged and I will be named many things. However, the judgement others mean nothing to me, for me the one who truly knows who I am in the deepest and most profound way is the Dominus that stands beside me and will forever do so. He stands and guides me as my little slaves learn to lick the bottoms of my shoes.

I have been passive with my searched for cuckolds, slaves, and submissive men in order to fit in. I no longer crave to fit in. I want to be me. The slave that I will create will be the cuckold, submissive and slave that I crave the most. He will be a stone man and a crafter. A man who works hard has wisdom and is enlightened enough to be under my command.

The quest for not just a slave but a true slave has been revealing. I now have seen the words of Dominus that say never compromise, only choose the slave that is in perfect alignment with my craving. I don’t care for suits and slangs. I have no interest in what you want or like. I don’t care if you crave to be beaten. The slave that will crawl to me is accepting the challenge of being just the slave I create, who will serve me in old ways and ideology. In his mind, there is nothing else than what I want.

My silence has gone on for far too long. So, listen very carefully to my roar I am who I choose to be, Domina.


About Ms Raquel Orchid

I believe in the power of change, changes can only be done if we believe in the positive awareness of the human nature. This blog seeks to help me explore the world of BDSM, fetish and moral righteousness.
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