Crude Reality juggles Inner Intentions

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 22.52.05 2Reality is not the first things that crosses people’s minds when thinking about domination, submission, slavery or any other standardization in the BDSM community. On the contrary, reality hits last and like a brick. So, it is sort of like having a wet dream and all the sudden someone is screaming your name from the top of their lungs to wake you up right during your release. Yes, terrible it is almost a nightmare at best to think about.

 I am a woman yes and I do have wet dreams, and I am sure a lot of us out there do. But, today my point is not about how many wet dreams a woman can possible get compared to a man, maybe next blog topic.

 This blog is about, how I would like to be served by a male and my rush with a delicious female slave. I admit first of all that my fantasy lies on the verge of having a home with a secret medieval dungeon in my basement, with cells and chains on the walls. I can even taste it right now. The chill from the moist brick walls and the smell of rusted iron and water drops from the wall cracks. In addition, a communal bath area where I can have my slaves bathe me and serve me while I do business with others. What a great fantasy.

 However, today back to reality, I seek something more. There are many complexities when it comes to owning a person, even more so because it is not legally binding to own anybody. So, a contract or whatever arrangement made has to be consensual and at times the submissive, slave, cucks try to squeeze their own way. Well, that right there is the funny part.

 The beauty of a D/s relationships or a female-led relationship is the synergy of giving up your will power and even if there is a lot of fear involved, which is normal. A submissive is committed to experience the excitement and rush of letting go of any controlling emotion in their bodies until they tremble like an isolated leaf. That trembling sensation will lead to an empowering transformation. In my personal experience having a male kneel before me willingly is much more a turn on than having to beat the skin out of the sub. It is just so exhausting. Now, I am not talking about masochist here, you guys want the pleasure of a beating. I am talking about the discipline that needs to be given every time a submissive decides that rebellious behavior is the best way to go. I personally have no patience and time for this type of tricks.

 I am working on my patience. Nevertheless, I believe in the magic of flowing with your Dom. If there is connection beyond the carnal desire of physical touch, such as the mental devotion to the Dom, you no longer have to worry about what your skin feels. Because, when you have that strong energy and you are entangled as Dom and submissive there is nothing and I say it again nothing that would make you feel that way again. This feeling is extremely rare. I think I have experience it maybe once or twice with another submissive. It is accelerating and extremely overpowering. It is virtually perfection.

 I do know that achieving this kind of connection take years, but the willingness and crave for an extraordinary journey needs to be persistent, high and extremely committed with the right person . The submissive needs to sense, feel and crave trust with the Dom before moving forward and specially if you are a hypno-slave (be careful). Hypno-slaves are my caviar and my ultimate orgasm. Yet, rare and even harder to find.

 I once met online an hypno-slave girl. She was owned and well-trained. I was lucky to have been able to be part of her life. One day of the few we had together. I decided to stimulate her senses.

She was devoted, dedicated, smart and completely susceptible to mental suggestions. I was looking for her inner desires. I wanted to know what was it that she was hiding so deeply and needed to have crawl out her subconscious mind? I hit the jackpot she was a complete Toy to play with (too X-Rated). Besides the extreme fun and the arousal. I manage to understand why we got close as fast as we did. It was the connection and the intention of giving up all will power and surrendering completely to my mercy. She had faith and trusted my judgement, why? Because I earned it.

 I worked hard to show her my intentions and never lied to her about my conditions. She felt free from judgment and couldn’t think of the possibility of setting me into a box, because I was removing every single transgression she might find odd or unworthy.

 This is my vision. A Dom will be clear in what he/she wants, be honest about who they are including past and future mistakes and be open to modify training, and practices while learning from the submissive. This kind of humanity is what would make a 24/7 D/s relationship work. It is intense and much more intense than a vanilla relationship because everything is out there and no emotion is hidden or reserved. This type of exposure is what makes it real and the crude reality juggling with inner intentions.

Blog dedicated to a seeker Ke.

About Ms Raquel Orchid

I believe in the power of change, changes can only be done if we believe in the positive awareness of the human nature. This blog seeks to help me explore the world of BDSM, fetish and moral righteousness.
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