34 days


It took me 34 days to actually force myself to write a blog. The reality is that after so many words and so many thoughts. I found myself wondering what the real idea behind this loads of babbling I keep writing about.

I have had great comments about the blog. So, I will like to thank all of you that thought it was interesting all together. But, at the end of the day I think my blog is not sending the right message, or maybe it is? A lot of the readers have determined that the blog is about soul searching, finding who I am in reality and what path to take.

So let me take accountability for the blog. I do have to admit to partly having selfish reasons as to why I publicly challenge my thoughts. The journey of finding yourself is constant for everyone I hope.  Today, I took a stand to battle all what I have thought was possible in my life. I am changing my possibilities from today forward.  My perspectives of things are taken a mild twist.

I am exploring new parts of my personality. The dark and remote side not many would like to reveal for the sake of sanity. Metaphorically speaking I would like to indulge myself with the urge of picking brains and playing games. Get my hands dirty. So for this reason I have started to fantasize about a perfect way to indulge in this peculiar dangerous game.

My fantasy it to realm but not have an empire, why be greedy? I want to realm the lives of only few people. Most specifically slaves, the kind of slaves that would do anything to feel the way a slave should feel.

Own the type of slaves that have no doubt of their intellectual capacity, financial security or their body image. They have surpassed that stage in their lives and the only thing they can think about every time they sleep at night is to have the ultimate maximum experience of ancient, dark, rustic slavery. They would want to drink water from a barrel, and smell dirt so close to their faces just because there is no room for self-ego. In fact, they would be prepared to release ownership of their egos in such a way, which would make their blood pressure rise just by thinking about it.

I do understand that for this great fantasy to come true. I would needs many things such as: A house in a forest area, with a barn, slaves willing to have the ultimate experience without chickening out for at least a month. And most of all the powerful will to break at least one of them enough to become addicted to the feeling of utterly unexplainable experience.

I know!… what a story, right? I spend my days now thinking about this and making myself turn on constantly. A world without flakers or unwanted pussies, [sighs]. If only things were this easy for all of us.

This blog is the beginning of my story telling. It is not about me. It’s about what I dream about or think about. Better yet. I will share a secret. I have a hidden notebook. Where I write stories all the time, in which are all based on my deepest cravings and fantasies. I might be judged or might not. But, I have decided to share what I have always hidden. Tsk Tsk… not ALL my secrets would be revealed. I do have a rush by keeping some trick under my sleeves *winks*

Let the story telling begin….


About Ms Raquel Orchid

I believe in the power of change, changes can only be done if we believe in the positive awareness of the human nature. This blog seeks to help me explore the world of BDSM, fetish and moral righteousness.
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3 Responses to 34 days

  1. mark says:

    I hang on your every word Domina great to see another blog entry mark k aka maggot

  2. kegger88 says:

    I would dearly love to hear your stories from your note book. Your writings are true heart felt transparent and inspiring! I am amazed by your wisdom and In slaved by your superior stature, so I sit humbly at your feet voraciously and impatiently desiring as to what you will write next. The perfect submissive will empower his mistress and inspire her to achieve her greatness as he serves at her feet.

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