The Sadist and the Masochist, “Pleasure or Pain?”

I have indulged myself with the quest for my sadistic and masochist side. I am doing the inevitable, research and more research. This crusade of Academic BDSM is really making me feel like a Book Gnome, but it is still a turn on nevertheless.  So, let’s jump right to the point.

There are some theories about how a sadist is never a masochist and vice versa. Even, how a sadist can’t really handle pain and how a pain receiver could never ever think about given pain to others. OK! Let’s all wear our thinking caps and analyze this scramble of thoughts. We have to all first agree there are several ways of being a masochist and a sadist. For example a sadist gives pain and enjoys inflicting pain, but what about mental pain? Let me rephrase that, what about mental discomfort? Mental discomfort is caused many times when we are trying to punish a slave in public, through emails, phone, and even in person. I will make this simpler.  We all suffer of mental discomfort once in a while, or all the time. Why don’t we really talk about that as a sadistic act? Maybe some of us do. But, I have noticed that is not very much focused as it is for physical and carnal torture. And, the reason for this could be the lack of connection between physical and mental pain.

Taking this into consideration, couldn’t we say now that sadists and masochists are actually capable of both receiving and giving? Wait Wait! Let’s go even further for argument sake. Some of you might think, but wait a minute the masochist enjoy the actual pain. The feeling of his/her ass burning. Yet, isn’t pain also a feeling that could be control by the mind? Couldn’t we as humans numb our pain and handle it more than others if we wanted to? The answer is yes WE CAN!! Our brain is a powerful tool.

Quick Science Class: Look Closer…..

What is Pain? –> Curious

What is pain? “An unpleasant bodily sensory experience commonly produced by processes that damage or is capable of damaging bodily tissues.” (Dr. Heinricher, Neurological Surgery and Behavioral Neuroscience)

  1.       An unpleasant bodily sensory experience – For a Masochist there is nothing unpleasant about it in his/her mind
  2.     Processes that damage or are capable of damaging bodily tissues- The true intention of a Sadist is not to damage bodily tissues (HOPEFULLY), but to induce pleasure through non-damageable activities, this is also controlled by the mind and information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before, I continue….. Nothing that harms a person deeply and to an extreme extend is OK!! So, don’t even think about. Second, without consent and legal standards there is no PLAY!!! Be careful at all times and SAFE at all TIMESSSS ……

Now scientists are exploring the possibility of teaching individuals to get rid of chronic pains through the power of the mind… get rid of pills and muscle relaxers (mhm). They  found that if people were to understand better the behavior of their brains “we” would be able to manage pain!! “Brain over pain” they call it!! (Science Central).

In conclusion, this might sound like a lot of scientific stuff, but what I am trying to offer as “food for thought” is that a Sadist needs to understand and experience the pleasure of pain. To provide a controlled and healthy level of pain experience to their masochist. This  way they both truly enjoy and feel the connection among themselves. The same goes for the masochist. The Masochist also needs to understand what he/she can handle and how to foresee the flow with the Sadist inflicting the pain. This type of play is not about selfish rewards.

Both parties can have control of this situation because as some of use might know, you don’t be part of a Dom/Sub relationship to be in SM relationship. Yet, if you are in a Dom/sub relationship …well  then more responsibility for the DOM *chuckles*. Always get to know your partner. This is all about sensations and brain activity. It is not about flesh. IT is indeed much more than that!! …






About Ms Raquel Orchid

I believe in the power of change, changes can only be done if we believe in the positive awareness of the human nature. This blog seeks to help me explore the world of BDSM, fetish and moral righteousness.
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