Mind Games

It is curious how the mind works. A great author once said “The sky is the limit”. For more than 2 years now I have been obsess with mental conditioning. It is not the easiest topic to talk about or the most common. However, from experience I have come to adore and be fascinated with hypnosis, mental domination, and brainwash.

I do have a little treat for all of you. In my last blog I mentioned how I will get back to giving some erotic stories before I needle your brain with intellectual twists.

So here its goes….

There was a knocking at the door (knock… knock). It was a mild and gentle sound. The door was rustic, and it looked heavy to the person that was knocking. Each time the door keep banging someone inside the house was enjoying a nice warm cup of tea. It was a man, a robust strong and masculine man. He lived in that house for more than 10 years and wore the same outfit year after year. He had a personal tailor, who will come to his house and fit him regularly.

My name is Alexander Grant, and I pride myself for being able to indulge in nice suits. All of my suits are of the same color, length and style. I have no time for nonsense like matching and color coding. I am definitely never wearing any bright ridiculous colors. I pay large amount of money to look rich, *he smiles* and says, because I can afford it.  This is my story. The story of a man who worked very hard to have the house he got, the woman he likes and the things he wanted. I am also a man that enjoys elegance but above all. I  extremely enjoy minds.

I am 6’2 inches tall. I am not slim and certainly not a slob. I have a strong core, firm hand and grip. My eyes are grey slightly greenish. I enjoy showing off my eyes, since I have been told I look scary. This comment makes me laugh every single time. I will carry on my tale. Let me share with you, who was behind my door the day I was getting my 40th suit fitted.

Her name was Ivy. A very rare name from where I am from. She was not a short woman but surely shorter than I was. I thought of her as petite for my standards. Her tits where big and her eyes were the most expressive eyes I have seen for quite a while. That day I was talking to my tailor and enjoying his company with tea and cigars. I told him how lovely my life has been. I sat back and enjoyed the journey of expressing how much fun I have had with slaves.

Yes, I said slave. He has been my tailor for a long time. It was no surprise to him. Yet, I most say every time he hears the word slave, he get a bit shocked up and nervous. I wonder why? Mmmm luckily, I limit myself to woman. My passion is the female body. Their touch, smell, curves and above it all their ability to have a powerful mind, which is beyond comprehension.

It does sound like I am weaving my thoughts around. But believe me. My rambling will be worth your time. I named my tailor Billy boy, his real name is William. Of course I didn’t think it was appropriate to have another man’s name be as formal as mine in my house, it is a ridiculous thought.

Billy was listening to me reminisce, and all the sudden we both hear the soft knocks. Billy? Do you hear that? Or am I becoming paranoid as years goes by? No no Sir, he says in a shaky sort of tone. I did hear that too. It did sound like a knock but I am quite sure it is barely a noise at all; could it be the wind Sir?

I laughed at Billy. Well Billy if the wind is knocking on my door, I guess I should answer and make sure the wind is a female.

I walked calmly to the door hearing my steps sounding like heavy bricks being slapped against a concrete wall. I opened the door and there was ivy. I said to her, well well what has the wind brought in? Ivy had a brown cape. She was covered from head to toe. I only had the chance to hear her soft voice saying. Mister Grant, my name is Ivy and I come from the village before the next. I came here because I was told you have decided to have one slave above them all. She continued. The girl that would be brave enough to train with you for 3 months and stay will be the one to serve you til your death. I am here to tell you Mister Grant, I am the slave that will stay until you die.

I was utterly shocked and speechless. I have never felt this way in my entire life. The curiosity was killing me, it was almost numbing. I had to literally get my balls in the right place and show this girl I am the man she heard of. So, I let her come in. As soon as she walked through my door I used my large left hand and pulled away with extreme force her cape. I hear the sound of the wind bounce back as soon as my hands ripped the cape off her body. I raised my left eyebrow and paused. I wanted to keep my cool and think of her naked. My response needed to be natural and planned.

I looked at Ivy and smiled at her. She was naked. I took a glance of her bronze skin. It almost blinded me and made my cock throb. She was shivering in the corner, like a scared puppy running away from the rain. I cleared my throat and said firmly, ivy come closer to me, right now. Ivy walks slowly almost like she was walking over clouds. She was barefooted but tipped toes her way to me showing she was gracefully enjoying the illusion of wearing heels. I got excited.

Once she walked up to me, I had no other choice than to grab her by her pussy and push her in. This time I took my time and bend over to her ears and whispered. From today forward you will do as I say, you will live the way I tell you to, you will breath my breath and you will be an extension of me. The only time you will refuse to follow my commands will have to be the day I die. Ivy shivered. I could also feel my hands drainage with pussy juices. She was coming over my hand as I whispered into her ear.

My breathing got faster and I had no other choice than to hypnotize her. She was gone already from ecstasies and pure lust. I keep whispering and said. Ivy closed your eyes and feel. Feel the way it makes you feel to be vulnerable and under my control. Feel the drive that made you come here and dare a man you have never met. Feel my fingers playing with your pussy faster and faster telling you, you will be mine. I will protect you, I will guide you and I will make you happy. Feel me telling you that if you show me your smartness I will train you harder to see more. Feel me telling … gasping, I stopped.

All the sudden I feel her shaking over my fingers and I hold her tighter knowing that she was cumming harder and in trance. Her body moved back and forward increasing intensity from slow to fast very quickly. I used my right hand to hold her tear dandling tits focusing only on her, making sure she felt what I was feeling. My chest is pressed against her female back, and I feel her rounded ass right below my bulge. She feels how hard I am but in control. While I cup her tits, and finger her exploding pussy she can’t help but scream “take me Sir, please take me”. Her eyes were close. She had her mouth wide open, drooling from the intense orgasm. Ivy, I want you to breathe now. Ivy stops immediately moving her pussy softly like a female dog that has been stopped from fucking a doll. She dropped and my fingers slide deeper in her. I smiled and turned her over saying “I think you will do for now”.

About Ms Raquel Orchid

I believe in the power of change, changes can only be done if we believe in the positive awareness of the human nature. This blog seeks to help me explore the world of BDSM, fetish and moral righteousness.
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