Seductive Consideration

I am not really sure if every Mistress out there finds herself on the constant search for a cuckold. It might be obvious to say that generalizing is almost a crime, so let me just express what I believe happens in the minds of great Mistresses or at least the ones that have a great story to tell.

In the most part I have noticed there is a higher probability for a healthy environment between a Mistress and a slave when there is a clear division of chores and roles in the D/s relationship, however when it comes to cuckolding I wonder if this might be a different story?

So let’s talk about cuckold and paraphilia. It is not the first time I have used the word paraphilia (“term used to describe sexual arousal to objects, situations, or individuals that are not part of normative stimulation”) sourced by Wikipedia.  In fact the way I used the word paraphilia in the past is to refer to my secret delight for mirrors.

I once had a post referring to my savoury fetish for mirrors. I won’t be selfish, not this time anyway.  I will quote myself from my past on Mirror obsession. The post was an explanation based on Mirror fetishes and I quoted that “Some psychologist codified paraphilia as a disorder and a legal replacement for constructs of “Sodomy” and perversion”. From that day I posted that statement until now, I am not sure if it was suppose to be a positive truth or a negative statement, but let me just say that, if this sentence was an attempt to make us feel a bit weird for our kinky soft spot I think they might be creating a different effect <grins> because I feel even sexier after reading that. <ROFL>

Before I derail myself from the critical post of why cuckolding is a special quest, I will speak no more of the boring paradigms of Mirrors and the joys of being sexually exploratory and move forward to the vision of a perfect cuckold for Domina.

It is defined that a cuckold is a fetishist man (boy in my world) that would like to see his spouse be with other men, this gives the boy sexual intense pleasures. Oh, yes the bliss of having the girl of your dreams being fucked senseless by a bull with or without you, sounds marvelous.

Come on now boys, let’s get real, we all know you might want to be fantasying about your other half being fucked countless times from someone else, but don’t it crossed your mind she might be turn on by the fact that you want to subject yourself to the humiliating idea of having another men maybe fucking her better than you could ever imagine or could and still be a devoted pussy? I am sure that definitely crossed your mind.

In my opinion the definition of cuckold makes it sound like it is a blissful place for the male, but in my case I am not looking for just a male. I want a pussy boy! Yes that is right a pussy boy that not only would love to lick his Domina’s pussy after a Bull -icious night and it is so pleased with how he is treated, but that also would crave to shower its Mistress with the best of what he can offer, and avoid by all cost to have a hole inside his pocket (hints), it not the best way to please a Domina, let alone any woman.

Now let me describe a juicy video I saw. The video had 3 characters. There was a Mistress, her slave and well I wouldn’t say a bull (as in a strong man) because he wasn’t, he was more of a wobble boy.

The wobble boy was blind folded and bonded to a chair, the only job he really had, was to have a hard cock, and it might sound surprising to most of you but getting some men to keep a hard cock, it’s absolutely a task (Funny really, since you see many boys acting like their cocks where the key to their success). Let’s continue shall we?

This Mistress has the full intention of getting her slave to eat her pussy after she fucked the wobble boy that was the main reason she did it this time anyway. Her slave was the perfect slave, *pay attention some of you*. The reason I say he was perfect, is because of the way he acted during the session. He knew already as a slave that he was meant to eat her up and clean her, that was his duty and he was pleased and comfortable. He keeps his place with his mouth SHUT and his cock hard.

I emphasize the word SHUT, because some male slaves because of their level of insecurity tend to talk until they tongue fall off. I like begging boys but I hate whiners. So this slave who had his head covered and was tied up and naked seemed happier than even the wobble boy who was getting fucked pretty hard I most add.

While she is riding the wobble and moaning, she is looking at her slave, talking to her slave, pulling his cock and asking him how happy he was. The minute he answered those questions she gets so turned on that the wobble was able to feel her hips sway faster and her pussy get tighter forcing him to cum. Once wobble boy came and the Mistress was filled with wobble’s cum, she laid her slave between her legs and wobble’s boy balls making him clean her up and suck her pussy until the Mistress was absolutely pleased.

Now! This is a great example of how cuckolding might be something a guy has a fetish for but in the end the Mistress enjoys and gets true pleasure from having an excellent obedient slave.

I am not quite sure if the slave I am looking for is out there, but I do know that for you to find what you want you need to whip, spank and torture a lot of boys to get exactly what you want lol.

Domina knows what she wants, do you?

About Ms Raquel Orchid

I believe in the power of change, changes can only be done if we believe in the positive awareness of the human nature. This blog seeks to help me explore the world of BDSM, fetish and moral righteousness.
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1 Response to Seductive Consideration

  1. kegger88 says:

    That is a very hot story, I am aroused yet I like the big strong black bull with a gigantic cock with my woman. Afterwords I would eat her all night a kiss, caress her beautiful body, hold her reaffirm my love and devotion than give her a foot rub and a massage until she fell asleep. My service would be so loving and passionate that she would surrender and feel loved respected and adored secure and safe.

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